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Updated February 1st
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The Martian Wave
SF zine dedicated to the exploration and colonization of space
The Fifth Di...
SF and fantasy zine
December Issue
Aoife's Kiss
SF, fantasy, & horror zine
December Issue
Spaceports & Spidersilk
SF, fantasy, and eww gross zine for kids
December Issue
Scifaiku zine
February Issue
At the Dot
February Edition
Speculative Poetry Zine
Autumn Issue
Drabble Contest
Updated October 1st
Wondrous Web Worlds
The best of the on-line Sam's Dot zines

NEWS FOR February 1st, 2012

Some Sam's Dot titles are now available as e-books. You can see what we have available at

Sam's Dot now has its own virtual bookstore where you can order any of our titles. You can find it at

We have new issues of SCIFAIKUST and AT THE DOT, and we also have several new titles in the SDP Bookstore.

We've updated a number of our guidelines, so please be sure to check out the guidelines section.

New listings and news will be posted in this area, and not necessarily just at the beginning of the month, so keep checking back frequently.

A new issue of Cosmic Crime Stories is now available...

A new issue of Beyond Centauri is now available...

A new issue of Scifaikuest is now available...

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